World of Warplanes Keeps Cool with Snowball Mode

Make sure you’re wrapped up warm in the cockpit because the new combat scenario “Snowball” will be sending a chill through the skies starting December 18th until January 15th. The new scenario brings with it a unique battle arena, daily missions, new consumables and custom-built aircraft for pilots to enjoy this holiday season.

In Snowball mode, players will take to the skies and battle to eliminate the opposition with standard Team Deathmatch rules on the exclusive Lapland map (home to a large guy with lots of reindeer). As you soar through the clouds in Lapland, you’ll find several special areas with surprises waiting for you!

And because this is a unique map, pilots can only control the UFO Odin 42M vehicle that has been specially engineered to fire snowballs instead of rockets. This aircraft comes with 100% trained crew, hangar slot and is free to all registered players. You’ll also find 5 festive hangar designs over the holiday period.

To add even more cheer, there are special consumables—Fireworks, Sparklers and Smoke Flare—available for players that accomplish specific combat missions and earn achievements.

For those of you that complete the “Happy New Year!” mission, you’ll be awarded the Dornier Do 17Z-7 Kauz warplane! How’s that for a present?

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