An Eventful Fortnight Celebrating the 1st Birthday of World of Warships

An original way to congratulate our favorite game’s anniversary.

Exactly a year ago, on September 17, World of Warships embarked on its maiden voyage.

This year has been a long and turbulent voyage, and both Wargaming and our players have much to recall: the number of ships more than doubled. The number of maps experienced the same increase, allowing players to practice their skills in more diverse locations. We've seen Project R, partnered with ARPEGGIO Of Blue Steel -ARS NOVA- and took on other daring enterprises to bring you some refreshing missions, brightly camouflaged ships and extra content.

In order to make the game process more engaging and customize it to each player’s needs and interests, we implemented different content for different levels of players: random battles, ranked battles, team battles, PvE, and much more.

To mark all these accomplishments and bring some joy and entertainment to our community, we added a new type of reward to World of Warships—event achievements—which will be available for two weeks, from September 8 till September 19.

These achievements, as befits all celebratory events, will differ from ordinary ones. First, you won't be told explicitly how to unlock them. Second, this will all be about teamwork, which means you will have to monitor the forums and social media to see if someone has found a solution for any and all of the achievements. If you’re lucky enough to earn one yourself, then don’t hesitate to share your discovery with your fellow Captains!

Yes, it won’t be an easy task, but if you succeed, you can expect great rewards!

To learn more about the celebratory fortnight, please visit the official website.

Happy birthday, World of Warships! Fair seas and a following wind for all the years to come!