Alexander Ovechkin Starts the Hockey Season with World of Warships

The Washington Capitals’ captain will be available as an in-game commander

With the 2018-19 NHL season starting soon, Capitals’ winger Alexander Ovechkin is ready to take up a new role as a World of Warships commander. The current Stanley Cup winner and three-time league MVP will be available with the upcoming update, scheduled to be released later this month.

The Capitals’ captain is part of a new marketing campaign named “Earn Your Greatness” that features a cinematic trailer of Ovi in action. The trailer was filmed in Palm Beach, Florida while Ovi and his wife were awaiting the birth of their son. Watch the video and find out what professional sportsmen and passionate online gamers have in common.



“Everything was perfect but one little problem with the fog machine. It kept setting off the smoke detector. In the end, we just covered it up with a cup,” laughs Ovechkin. “I wanted people to understand that in any competitive field, you must inspire players to never give up. Video games are just like sport—play more, train more. When I started the game for the first time, I realized I am not a very good ship commander… But, like on the ice, I will continue to play and build my game skills until I am the best!”

In World of Warships, Ovi will appear as four different commanders, one that can serve with the US fleet, one for Soviet vessels and two unique ones. These two extra special commanders will be dual-nation, a first for World of Warships, meaning players can easily switch between Soviet and US fleets with a single commander. All four come with special perks which enhance the ship’s targeting and survivability and are personally voiced by Ovi so the hockey legend will be leading the charge!

Commander Ovechkin will be released within the Halloween update scheduled for mid-October. The update also includes the first appearance of the highly anticipated submarines, taking the battlefield to a whole new depth.