Localisation QA – German & French, Prague

Прага/Брно, Чехия
Quality Assurance

Job Overview

Wargaming is looking to hire two Localisation QA’s to join the Localisation & Documentation Department who will be responsible for localising all the company's products and connecting to a huge player community in their native language.

The localisation department translates, edits, and proofreads all text which appears in the non-English versions of our video games. Cultural adaptation of games, apps and websites are the backbone of the department’s work.

These roles are aimed at gamers with language skills and /or education in linguistics who would like to enter the games industry and use their talent and previous experience working with languages to create the multicultural Wargaming universe that unites our players all over the world.

Reports To
The Localisation QA will report to the Localisation Team Leader.

What will you do?
• Perform linguistic QA and open/resolve linguistic bugs (grammar, punctuation, style, etc.)
• Verify translation accuracy
• Check for truncated or misallocated text
• Assess cultural appropriateness
• Ensure that market-specific information about the product or company, such as website links or contact information, is correct for the market
• Generate QA reports
• Communicate with other QA specialists and translators

What are we looking for?
• Native German or French speaker
• Fluent English language skills plus a native language required
• Basic IT and MS Excel skills
• Attention to detail
• Passion for games
• Previous experience in translation and proofreading
• Ability to think logically, creatively, and imagine the perspective of a variety of users
• Previous experience working as a Translator, editor, copywriter or Game Localisation QA
• Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills

What additional skills will help you stand out?
• Experience working as a Localisation QA in the video game industry

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