Sr. Concept Artist - Vehicle & Environment

Шанхай, Китай


Understanding the importance of China, Wargaming is forming a new studio based in Shanghai to work closely with our game teams and Chinese publishing partners to customize Wargaming products to better serve Chinese audience and their preferences.

We are looking for a Vehicle Artist with a proven background in delivering AAA game content and a strong understanding of the Chinese gaming market to grow both our team and games in China.

What you will do:

  • Understand the core vision and key vehicle creation art principles of multiple Wargaming products, and champion those both to the internal team and external partners
  • Facilitate communication, collaboration, and learning across the teams and studios, including language translation and sharing of cultural context to improve two-way cultural understanding between both our internal game teams and local partners
  • Assist the art director in creating style guides, art bibles, mood boards, and other necessary documents to define, communicate, and drive a game’s art vision and quality bar
  • Work with photo references, concept art or historical blueprints to create photorealistic in-game vehicles
  • Create benchmark vehicle assets and devise best practices for efficient high-quality asset creation pipelines
  • Pay meticulous attention to visual detail in creating or recreating vehicles from various eras of military history, both real and imaginary
  • Work with designers, technical artists, and riggers to ensure vehicles meet detailed technical criteria and support necessary gameplay requirements
  • Manage vehicle optimization, damage models, and LOD creation to ensure optimal game performance
  • Build relationships between internal teams and distributed development art partners, including vendor asset management, quality control, and sharing of best practices
  • Participate in recruiting and developing studio art talent
  • Actively participate in building the studio art team culture


  • Multiple shipped titles on PC, mobile, or console
  • Experience with a variety of art styles. Ability to create photorealistic surfaces using industry standard software and techniques is a must
  • Deep experience with a variety of the industry’s most common game engines, 3D art authoring packages, and production workflows. Maya and ZBrush are preferred
  • Expert in hard-surface modeling
  • Painstaking attention to asset fidelity and detail
  • Demonstrated ability to work with distributed teams across multiple geographic locations
  • Addicted gamer, both Chinese and Western mobile and PC games
  • Fluent in English, native Chinese speaker
  • A deep understanding of Chinese culture and values, and Chinese gamer preferences
  • Proactive attitude to work; Attention to detail


考虑到中国市场的重要性,为了与我们的游戏团队和中国发现合作伙伴密切合作,Wargaming 正在上海成立新的工作室,以定制 Wargaming 产品,从而更好地为中国玩家提供服务,包括但不限于在整个游戏组合中提供一流的新功能和视觉效果。

我们需要招纳一名载具美术师,胜任者需要在交付 AAA 游戏内容方面具有可靠的背景,并对中国游戏市场有很深入的了解,有能力推动我们的团队和游戏在中国的发展。


  • 了解 Wargaming 多个产品的核心愿景与关键载具制作艺术原则,并向内部团队和外部合作伙伴传达这些愿景与原则
  • 协助艺术总监创建风格指南、艺术指导手册、情绪板和其他必要文件,以定义、沟通和提升游戏的艺术效果和质量标准
  • 基于照片参考、概念艺术,甚至历史蓝图,制作逼真的游戏载具
  • 创建基准载具资产并设计最佳实践,打造有效的优质资产创建渠道
  • 在创建或重建不同军事历史时期(真实或虚构)的载具的过程中,一丝不苟,重视细节
  • 与设计师、技术美术师和角色绑定师合作,确保载具符合详细的技术标准并满足必要的游戏要求
  • 载具优化、损伤模型和 LOD 创建,确保游戏性能保持最佳状态
  • 促进整个团队和工作室的沟通、协作与学习,包括语言翻译和文化语境共享,以促进内部游戏团队与当地合作伙伴之间的双向文化认知
  • 在内部团队与分布式开发艺术合作伙伴之间建立关系,包括供应商资产管理、质量控制和最佳实践分享
  • 参与工作室艺术人才的招聘与培养
  • 积极参与工作室艺术团队文化建设


  • 在 PC、移动技术或控制台领域拥有多项已发售产品的开发经验
  • 熟悉各种艺术风格;能够使用行业标准软件和技术创建具有真实感的画面是必备素质
  • 深入了解业界最常见的游戏引擎、3D 美术制作软件和制作工作流程;熟悉 Maya 和 Z-Brush 者优先
  • 精通硬表面建模
  • 重视资产保真和细节
  • 具有与分布在多个地理位置的团队合作的能力
  • 游戏发烧友,喜欢中国和西方的手机游戏与电脑游戏
  • 英语流利,母语为中文
  • 对中国文化和价值观以及中国玩家的喜好有着深刻理解
  • 积极主动的工作态度,注重细节